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Calibrating Airbag System

The airbag was invented to perform as a safety cushion between the passengers and the hard surfaces of the car interior.

When a crash occurs, the airbags inflate only milliseconds after to protect the passengers.

Thus, fast operation is a must and a powerful detonator is needed in order to inflate the airbag in time.

We calibrating all types of Airbags

Seatbelt Pretensioners

Seatbelt PretensionersSeatbelt pretensioners work on a similar idea as airbags, when a detonator explosion tensions the seatbelt at an event of a crash.

The seat belts fasten and lock to prevent passengers from being jerked into the hard interior as a result of the crash.

For these reasons, working with airbags and seat belt tensioners requires qualifications and should only be done by someone who was trained to working with these safety systems.

Each manufacturer has specific instructions about the proper way to dealing with airbags in order to prevent injuries by accidentally activating the detonator.

Airbag installation can be dangerous, thus should be done by pros

Airbags and Safety

The airbag was introduced in the 80′s as a driver safety feature only. Since then, they have changed radically, and today’s airbag systems are far more advanced than they used to be.

Today, for example, airbag systems can deploy at different speeds and forces using sensors that identify passenger’s size and distance, as well as the type and strength of the impact.

As soon as the vehicle is started, the system analyzes the data it receives from the different sensors.

According to this information, the computer adapts the system to specific conditions. The airbag computer activates or deactivates components in order to maximize protection to all occupants. The latest safety systems can detect the exact location and size of the passengers and operates the airbag accordingly to optimize strength and timing of deployment.

Airbags Types

Aside from the driver airbag, there are several types of airbags designed to maximize protection:

Passenger Airbag

Front Airbag

Knees Airbag

Knees Airbag

Side Curtain Airbags

Side Curtain Airbags

Side Airbag

Side Airbag

Modern vehicles can be equipped with over 10 airbags and the standard is at around 4 airbags per car.

Side Airbags

Side AirbagsLately, more and more manufacturers use airbags that inflate some like curtains (curtain airbag) to create a separation between occupants and the windows area.

These types of airbags, however, are more expensive to produce and therefore, offered by only a low number of car manufacturers at the moment.

Only 25% of new cars sold in North America are equipped with side airbags. But the predictions are that by 2010, this number will be doubled.

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