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Electronic Systems Diagnostic & Repair

We offers auto repair services and various solutions in the field of automotive diagnostics. Our main specialty is advanced diagnostics of automotive electronic systems. We are considered experts in this field due to our vast knowledge and experience in the auto electronics field.

Apart from providing auto repair services in control unit restoration. We rebuild and restore electronic units such as ECU, ABS module, and TCU. Other services that we provide are airbag system installation and deactivation, immobilizer reset and more.

automotive1One of the main reasons the automotive industry started embedding computers in cars came as a result of environmental issues. In the 1970′s the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) started demanding car manufacturers to decrease the amounts of toxic gases and fuel consumption. As a result, the catalytic converter was developed to transform toxic gases to non-toxic ones.

Regulations only get harsher with time and traditional systems cannot reach the demands. Thus, more advanced systems were developed to control the mixture more accurately. Today, manufacturers have to cope with the Euro 5 Pollutant Emissions regulation and can achieve this only with integration of advanced control computers.

Although cars are required to be more “environmental friendly”, the demand for better performance, safety and comfort keeps increasing. With computers usage, manufacturers have the capability to accurately control systems and accordingly optimize operation.

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Our Emergency Car Locksmith Service in Toronto provides access to all vehicles including Mercedes, Lexus, Infinity, Toyota, Volkswagen , Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Mazda, GM, Subaru and more. Please call us to check if we can work with your vehicle We have the ability to allow access to nearly all vehicles brands:
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