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Engine Immobilizer Repair

The Immobilizer is an electronic anti-theft device. The system uses a transmitter and receiver unit (transponder) in the ignition key.

The transponder communicates with the ECU by transmitting a new personal code Whenever there is an attempt to start the vehicle.

We repair, complete, and reset immobilizer sets for cars

Immobilizer Reset and Repair

immobilizerOur mobile lab has advanced computer equipment which we use to reset and encode the immobilizer system. The immobilizer system is composed of several electronic components which operate by validating transmitted codes between them.

As a result, in order to change one of the system’s parts, the entire system needs to be encoded so the new part will operate in coordination. This is usually done by resetting and encoding the electronic systems.

The Immobilizer System – how it works?

The system is activated when the ignition key is removed. Every time there is an attempt to start the car, the system transmits a new code.

Only when the ECU authorizes this code, the immobilizer deactivates and the engine can be started.

In order for the computer to start, all immobilizer components must be coordinated and encoded with the same code.

New encryption technology protects the system from duplication of electronic keys However, no system can provide 100% protection from theft!

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