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Reprogramming Car Computers

Modern vehicles rely more and more on advanced technology and computers (ECU). There is a computer for almost every one of the systems in the modern car.

The vehicle computer is commonly referred to as a control unit. Its operation is based on data which it receives from the system’s components (sensors) and after analysis of the data controls the systems’ operation.

We program most various car computer brands

car computersHowever, more electronic systems and computerized components in cars mean that automotive systems have become much more complicated to develop, maintain and repair as well. As a result, there is an essential significance to technical knowledge and capabilities in order to provide solutions for this technology.

In today’s vehicles, computers control not only the engine, but also the automatic transmission, the steering wheel, the safety systems, the entertainment systems, and so on.

Safety systems, for example, use computers and sensors that monitor and process data in order to operate the systems properly.

Constant communication is essential between the components of all electronic systems at all times. Thus, having so many computers makes things more complicated, and sometimes even sensitive, which can make those systems prone to problems and also complicate to perform diagnostic in some cases.

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